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HF15-0 series bolt tensioner

Model:HF15-0 series bolt tensioner
Minimum order:1
Supply ability:300 / month
Product Category:Bolt Tensioner
Product Description

HF15-0 series bolt tensioner-spring reset bolt tensioner-multistage bolt tensioner-hydraulic bolt tensioner manufacturer

1. High precision, high speed and ensure security
2.Strong applicability, one model apply to various of specifications bolts.
3.Wide application range, simple operation
5.Standard bolts:M20-M150, customized size avaible
6.Working pressure: 1500Bar Max
7.Built-in spring allows the piston automaticlly reset
7.12 months warranty

F bolt tensioner dimension

HF15-0 Series Bolt Tensioner Data

Model No.HF15-0
Tread rangeM20-M27
Max. Load(KN)306
Tool Weight (Kg)1.3
A (mm)88
B (mm)76
C (mm)30
D (mm)130
E (mm)148

HF15 Series Bolt Tensioner Data

Model No.HF15-0HF15-1HF15-2HF15-3HF15-4HF15-5HF15-6HF15-7HF15-8HF15-9HF15-10HF15-11
Tread rangeM20-M27M30-M36M33-M42M39-M48M45-M56M52-M64M60-M72M68-M80M76-M90M95-M110
Max. Load(KN)30642784899013551652225926393051321635463876
Tool Weight (Kg)
B (mm)7693105130140152172185196224260290
C (mm)3043566580869098110130148165
D (mm)130147170185210230250268292310325345
E (mm)148165190205230250272290322332347370

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